The year 2020 had businesses around the world looking for new and safer ways to contact their customers and keep them informed. The pandemic forced many businesses to adopt different kinds of communication. Many businesses turned to video conferencing, emailing, faxing, and messaging. While video conferencing and emailing are great tools, messaging is a game-changing communication tool that almost every industry can benefit from.

Messaging in the Food Industry

From curbside pickup and grocery delivery to door dashers and porch drop-offs, the world has exploded in a frenzy of contact-less food solutions. Every grocery store, restaurant, catering business, and food truck is reinventing their processes to serve their customers.

One brilliant piece of technology for this sudden change is the use of messaging. Your food industry clients need an effective way to communicate with their customers, and messaging is that perfect solution. With messaging, businesses in the food industry are able to use SMS to reach their customers quickly and with the highest open-rate of any other communication method. Your food industry businesses can use SMS to let their customers know when their orders are ready, when an order has been dropped off, if a grocery item is out of stock and needing to be swapped for another item, and so much more.

It’s no wonder why food industry businesses are turning to messaging to help increase their sales and support their customers.

Messaging in the Health Industry

As health-related fears and mental illness reach drastic numbers, a need for a more efficient communication tool has grown among organizations within the health industry. Through business messaging, health professionals can easily send messages such as appointment reminders, prescription alerts, test results, and more! In addition to simple SMS messages like the ones previously listed, mental health experts can reach their patients through messaging. Thereby helping their patients maintain a sense of privacy when not able to meet face to face.

These are only a few use-cases for health industries. The important thing to remember is that whatever solution you are selling to businesses within this industry is if the solution is HIPAA compliant.

Messaging in the Education Market

Another rapidly evolving market is education. Schools everywhere are dealing with shifting schedules and locations, video conferencing snafus, and communication blunders aplenty. Because of these struggles, many institutions are turning to messaging. Which gives them the ability to quickly and efficiently reach their students, caregivers, faculty, and staff.

Messaging easily handles school announcements, supply pickups, lunch receipts, event promotions, and so much more. With messaging, it’s easy for schools to send out emergency notifications to students, faculty, and staff instantly. Even last-minute lecture room or video link changes, safety alerts, and extreme weather notifications can be sent out in an instant.

NUSO’s Game-Changing Tool to Reach New Markets

With face to face communication not always practical, businesses everywhere can benefit from a proven messaging solution. But not all providers have the infrastructure in place to support your revenue growth goals. Nor have the reach to serve the new markets and industries you want to go after. NUSO’s world-class network powers literally billions of SMS and MMS messages each year! NUSO’s Cloud-Based Messaging Solution is the game-changing tool your business needs to reach new markets and upsell your current customers. Give us a call to learn more: 1-844-438-6876.