Maximizing Sales: 5 Quick Tips for Selling Cloud PBX Solutions

With the growth of hosted PBX estimated to be $9.6 billion by 2025, honing your sales teams’ skills is more important now than ever. We have found a few tried and true methods that can help your salespeople turn those valuable leads into loyal customers. In this article, you will find 5 simple tips that can help your salespeople build your business. 

Quick Tip 1: Understand Your Customers 

When you understand your customers, you can begin to focus on their needs and wants. Providing excellent customer service and solving your customers’ problems is key to your success. The question is how can you understand your customers better? Well, there are a few steps you can take. 

First, you can conduct research. You can survey your current customers, explore your contacts, and monitor your social media to get a feel for your client’s needs. 

After you complete your research, it’s time to determine your buyer personas. You should group your customers into demographic groups. This includes age, job title, interests, motivations, and any other grouping that would be beneficial. Once you have your groups, note any challenges or obstacles that each specific group faces. 

The last step you need to focus on is solving the pain points of your buyers. You should know your cloud PBX platform inside and out. Utilize this knowledge to solve the problems of your buyers. When you show them the value of your product, selling cloud PBX will be easy.  

By doing research and going after specific buyer personas, your sales team will better understand which leads to pursue. This means they’ll spend more time with people who are likely to convert and shorten the length of the lead generation process. With this approach, you can identify golden opportunities right away by focusing on qualified buyers instead of everyone else out there! 

Quick Tip 2: Size Up Competitors 

Understanding your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses can be essential to achieving sales success. Learning the best practices of others can help your business grow. To learn more about your competitors, you need to be organized and systematic. 

You should create profiles of several competitors in your market. As you research them, gather information from their website, social media, blog content, and any other marketing they may do. You should also check their reviews from different sites for real customer opinions. Once you have a good amount of information on your competitors, you can evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. 

Competitive analysis will help your sales team understand the market, better target customers, and know how to position their company. By analyzing competitive research, you can identify a unique value proposition that gives your customers confidence in choosing them over other competing companies. 

Quick Tip 3: Prepare for No 

In the world of sales, we have come to expect the answer, NO. It is what you do after this answer that can make a huge difference in moving forward. Plan your responses to sales objections ahead of time. If you understand the needs and struggles of your potential customers, you may understand their reluctance. If you understand their reluctance, you can speak directly to these issues. A successful salesperson can focus on specific pain points and explain how switching to cloud PBX can solve these problems. 

Remember, cloud PBX has become a necessity in the business world. Your customers cannot afford to stay behind with on-premise phone systems. You have the opportunity to help your customers by selling cloud PBX to them. 

Quick Tip 4: Customer Relationships 

Remember, your number one tool in selling cloud PBX is always building customer relationships. When you put your customers first, you build trusting relationships. These relationships are what build a successful business. 

A few tips to building strong relationships are to listen to what your customer is saying and to stay in contact with them. There is nothing more frustrating to a lead than to have someone give them a sales pitch with no thought to the lead’s individual needs. 

Quick Tip 5: The Power of Motivation 

If your salespeople are not fully on board, then you are stuck before you even get going. You need to find the right motivators to get your employees excited about selling cloud PBX. Some great methods to set your salespeople up for success include setting goals for your team, providing them with adequate training, and reinforcing the importance of customer relationship ideology. 

Let your salespeople focus on building relationships with your customers. While they are focusing on your customers, you can focus on building relationships with your salespeople. If you understand their needs and wants, you can motivate them to perform at their peak. 

Selling Cloud PBX with NUSO 

NUSO is here to make selling cloud PBX, or unified communications, as provider-friendly as possible. NUSO makes it easier to get to market than ever before, so your team can be off selling quickly! Our all-in-one solution is white-label ready so you can make it your own and gives you the freedom to scale your offerings on a network you can be confident in. 


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