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Secure and Reliable Business Communication for Retail

Stay Connected with Your Shoppers While Providing World-Class Customer Service.

Today’s shoppers want an amazing customer experience with lightning-fast response times and tailored services. Let NUSO help your company stay top of mind for your customers.

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NUSO Tools like Business Phone, Contact Center, SMS Texting, Mass Announcements, Complex Auto Attendants, and Call Queues Improve Your Customer Experience.

  • Keep your clients in-the-know with text alerts for appointments or engage them with reward programs.
  • Personalize your brand with customizable features like Music on Hold, Virtual Receptionist, and developer APIs.
  • Utilize Contact Center technology to better track calls, improve quality control, and provide multi-channel support.

As consumer interaction with brands rapidly evolves, the retail market is becoming digital-first. Smartphones, social media, and instant communication create immediate demands for product information and customer support. NUSO supports retail businesses by delivering dependable voice and business communications in real-time:

  • Improved Customer Service

    Connecting your physical store, e-commerce website, and customer support office into a seamless cloud-powered platform boosts your overall customer experience while improving business efficiency. Customers calling a local brick-and-mortar storefront can be automatically transferred to your company’s call center for information on inventory, features, or store hours.

  • Streamline Your Customer’s Journey and Your Internal Processes

    With intelligent routing, calls are sent to the agent best suited to handle the customer’s concerns. Our platform gives your agents critical information about each customer, empowering them to resolve issues quickly, and save time. Call analytics track important metrics to help managers improve quality control, training, and insight into agent performance.

  • Reduced Operational Costs

    NUSO cloud communications save retailers money. Without a large investment for pricey equipment or ongoing maintenance, a new communication system can pay for itself quickly. Our cloud-based technology removes toll or long-distance calling charges. Businesses can save up to 70% compared to traditional phone service by making the switch to NUSO.

  • Saving Money on Equipment Is Just the Beginning

    While other providers charge extra for web or video conferencing, these features are included in NUSO’s Unified Communications plans. With growing online markets and remote workers, a fully integrated platform is essential. Flexible to your business unique needs, NUSO cloud communications help you gain a competitive advantage in a dynamic workforce without sacrificing financial stability.

  • Accelerate Business Growth

    Planning on growing your business? NUSO Unified Communications easily accommodates new locations and offices. Unlike on-premise systems that rely on stationary hardware, new phones and users can be added with a few changes on our online dashboard.

  • Manage Physical Locations In One Spot

    If your business expands into different states, your authorized NUSO Partner can help you turn up new locations quickly. Gone are the days of waiting for IT to set up new phone systems. Instead of building individual systems for each location, our communication system unifies all your business locations under one platform.

NUSO helps your business effectively communicate with customers, teams, and vendors by providing enterprise-quality voice, video, chat, conferencing, and call center solutions through an integrated platform. Align your company for better growth, increased profits, and stronger customer relationships. For forward-facing retailers, Unified Communications is the future.

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