Doesn’t it seem like your long-lost friend “Spam Likely” calls your cell phone more and more every week? If you haven’t noticed, you’re one of the lucky ones. Many users are seeing an increase in robocalls, toll fraud, scammers, and SPAM. These scams are ultimately after one thing, your money. In fact, the Better Business Bureau stated that over $300,000 nationwide were reported lost in Q3 of 2020. Your customers want to know that they are in safe hands with you. Plus, your offerings need to adhere to FCC guidelines to help prevent robocalls and spam calls. That’s why NUSO is a fierce fighter against SPAM, illegal robocalls, toll fraud, and scammers. 

Looking for proof? Look no further, we’ve laid it all out below: 

Keeping Our Partners Informed 

As brand impersonations increase (how long has your car warranty been expired…?), it’s up to the carriers and providers to help keep consumers safe from SPAM, illegal robocalls, toll fraud, and scammers. One way that NUSO is combatting scammers is by keeping our partners updated with everything we are doing to actively prevent fraud on our end. Not only do we send out updates in monthly customer-facing newsletters, but we also have a status page that allows customers to subscribe to real-time updates regarding our network and application functionality. We also pride ourselves on our response time, ensuring any fraud incidents that are reported are handled immediately and excellently by our technical team. 

Active Network Monitoring 

Did you know that we own our network? That’s right! In fact, we’re one of the few providers that do! So, we take a proactive approach when it comes to network monitoring. Our preventative measures help thwart performance issues with 24×7/365 monitoring through our Network Operations Center (NOC). 

Not only that, when fraud is detected, we deploy traceback initiatives to hunt down the source of the fraud. Our network was one of the first to implement STIR/SHAKEN – which helps to reduce the number of unwanted calls that consumers receive within any given day. You can learn more about STIR/SHAKEN here

Call Security: STIR/SHAKEN, Voice CAPTCHA, and Reputation Scoring

Toll fraud, phishing, SPAM, denial of service (DoS), and call interception are a thing of the past with the right call security in place. At the content level, NUSO protects the information passing in the calls using various encryption methods. In addition to STIR/SHAKEN, we also use Voice CAPTCHA as an added security measure. Our Voice CAPTCHA is a logical device within a call path that validates a human being is making the call. In other words, Voice CAPTCHA protects your customers’ wallets from toll fraud, TDoS attacks (including ransom attempts), outbound fraud, and robocalling.

Reputation Scoring

In addition to voice CAPTCHA and STIR/SHAKEN, NUSO is one of the few providers that allows providers to easily turn on or off reputation scoring. With NUSO, you can turn reputation scoring on or off of any number. It’s an additional feature that not only changes the caller ID to “Spam Likely” so they know what’s good and bad. But they can also block those calls altogether! Which in turn greatly reduces the number of robocalls that your customers get. NUSO gives you full control of this reputation scoring feature through our CPaaS solution. We also offer sensitivity adjustment settings, meaning that you can choose between two different sensitivity levels. The first is a warning and you can change the caller ID to something like “Confirmed Spam” if a potential spam number is calling. The second is an alert, which allows you to change the caller ID or block potential spam calls altogether. Reputation scoring is one more level of call security that helps protect your customers from unwanted spam and fraud.

Messaging Filters 

Our world-class network powers literally billions of SMS and MMS messages each year! And each one of those messages goes through our SPAM filters. Messaging filters exist to protect mobile subscribers from unwanted messages, such as fraud, SPAM, or even abuse. In other words, these filters help your customers get the messages they want while leaving the scammers left on unread. 

While messaging filters may seem intense, they can be as simple as a fixed list of prohibited terms. Or they can be more advanced, like machine learning systems that adapt based on the messages that pass through them.

Many message filters prevent spam by preventing bulk messages. But wait, you get coupon codes texted to you every week from your favorite stores, right? Well, you’ve probably noticed that those mass texts don’t come from a normal 10-digit phone number. That’s because, in the U.S. and Canada, application-to-person (A2P) type bulk messaging is – for the most part – not allowed when using local 10-digit long code phone numbers.

NUSO Has Your Back 

With NUSO, you can rest assured that your customers won’t have the hassle of unwanted spam, illegal robocalls, toll fraud, and scammers. Our active network monitoring keeps your service running smoothly day in and day out. Not only that, but our call security measures through Voice CAPTCHA, reputation scoring, and STIR/SHAKEN also help stop attackers before they ever reach your customers. Plus, our messaging filters work to actively prevent unwanted messages from getting to your customers, or worse, their customers.

At NUSO, we’ve taken care of all the complicated security measures so you don’t have to. We make sure that our world-class network and industry-leading service stay up-to-date with every new regulation so that you can rest assured your customers are in safe hands. Contact us online or give us a call at 844-438-6876 to learn more.