As you look at your offerings, you need to consider what your clients need to be a profitable business. Yes, cloud-based platforms should be the first item your clients are interested in. But what add-on features should you be highlighting for them? What are services that could benefit them in big ways that they don’t know about or are ignoring? What are the benefits to your business when you add features to your client’s setup? Text message marketing can be a game-changer not only for your clients but for you as well.

Business Benefits for Your Clients

Text message marketing can make a big difference in your clients’ day-to-day business. Some say that 9 out of 10 consumers prefer to communicate with businesses through text messaging. If that’s not enough, there are many aspects of adding text message marketing that your clients might not know about. Below are some of these features and how they can positively impact your clients’ bottom line.

Text Message Marketing Automation

Automation allows your clients to schedule messages ahead of time. This can be very helpful during the holidays or after hours when no one is in the office. These automated messages can help your clients’ business in many ways.

Your clients can use automation for scheduling. When they set up their automation, their customers will be able to schedule their appointments, and the system will send out reminder texts, so your clients have fewer no-shows and spend fewer man-hours on manually completing these tasks.

Automation can also help your billing department out! For example, payment reminder texts can be triggered for any customers that are past due on their invoices. This can free up your staff to focus on other customer service-focused tasks instead of chasing after invoices.

Customer Service

Many people prefer text messages over other forms of communication, especially the incoming generations to the workforce. These customers are quickly making up the largest demographics today. When you pay attention to what your customers want and act accordingly, they will become more loyal to your company.

Offering your customers another avenue of communication will also increase the quality and availability of your customer service. Texting is a great way to cater to those customers who are unable to reach out during office hours.

Specials, events, promotions, etc.

Your client’s customers can have the option to “opt-in” on receiving text message marketing. When they do, they can become part of a loyalty program. This can entitle them to receive special promotions each month, ‘insider’ tips on special events, and other business promoting text messages.

Business Benefits of Text Message Marketing (for you)

When you can offer your clients value through your products, your business has the potential to take off. When clients start to feel the benefits of text message marketing, they will begin to see the value of your offerings. As you establish yourself as an expert in your field, you create trust between yourself and your customers. If your clients trust you, the relationship you build with them has the potential to be lasting.

Once your customers trust your advice and become loyal customers, they are more likely to advertise your business through word of mouth. This is one of the best forms of advertisement, as it is both personal and completely free. After all, friends and family will trust their loved one’s opinions more than any advertising or marketing you could do on your own.

Cloud-Based Messaging From NUSO

NUSO’s Cloud-Based Messaging Solution has all the text and SMS features your clients are looking for when it comes to text message marketing. We build all our products with end-users experience in mind. This means your customers will love to use NUSO products and services, while your business reputation benefits from that experience.

With our white-label program, your clients will associate your name and your brand with great products and services. Contact us to start offering Business Text Messaging to your clients today!