Workdays can be crazy. Did you know that incorporating SMS and text messages into your business communications can create some shortcuts in the rat race? When you have text message templates set and ready to use, your workday becomes more methodical and well-organized.  

Some things to keep in mind while creating text message templates are to be specific and personal.  Just because you are using a template, doesn’t mean you can’t use the recipient’s name. Below, you will find 11 text message templates for better business interactions. 


Text Message Templates for Your Employees 

Communicating clearly with your employees can be difficult, especially if you have a large company. Email is not always reliably checked in a timely manner throughout the workday.  Due to this, scheduling can be a little tricky. Messaging can be used to set meetings with the whole staff, a small group of your staff, or even one on one meetings. 

Here are 3 Text Message Templates for communicating with your employees: 

Template 1: “Staff meeting is set for [date and time] please let me know today if you have any conflicts.” 

Template 2: “Hello [red team], how is [date and time] for a project update meeting?” 

Template 3: “Hi [name], it’s time for your annual evaluation. Are you free [date and time] to come in and discuss this further?”


Text Message Templates for Lead Conversion Calls 

Most people are not pleased when their day is interrupted by sales calls.  However, your business relies on new customers; so how are you going to reach out to leads and ensure good results? Texting these people ahead of time and setting up a sales call with them can increase your conversion rate. Once you have had the conversation with them, it’s good practice to send a follow-up text as well.

3 Text Message Templates for Lead Conversion Calls:

Template 1: “Hello [name], I see you are interested in [product]. Are you available to discuss this further? Thank you, [customer sales representative and company]!” 

Template 2: “Hello [name], I would love to discuss [product] with you. Our conversation should only last [x] minutes. Do you have time to talk? [customer sales representative and company]” 

Template 3: “Hi [name], it was great discussing [product] with you today. Please let me know if you have any further questions.  I will reach back out to you next week. [customer sales representative and company]” 


Text Message Templates for Processing Documents 

Text messages have a 98% open rate. If you have important information that you need to discuss with your clients, reaching out to set up the meeting via text may be the best way to get in touch with them.

2 Text Message Templates for Processing Documents

Template 1: “Hello [name], we have processed your paperwork and are ready for you to come in for further discussion. Is [date and time] good for you? [customer sales representative and company]” 

Template 2: “Hello [name], we need your signature on a few items. Is [date and time] a good time for you to come in? Thank you, [customer sales representative and company]!” 


Text Message Templates for the Hiring Process 

If you have a high volume of people that apply for positions within your company, you can save time with automated personalized text messages to applicants. Giving your applicants clear information about the position and interview process will reassure them and get them excited about working for you.

3 Text Message Templates for the Hiring Process

Template 1: “Thank you for applying for [position]. We are reviewing resumes and will reach out to you with more information within the next week.” 

Template 2: “[name], we are excited to offer you the opportunity to interview with us.  Are you available on [day] at [time] to further discuss this position?” 

Template 3: “[name], thank you for applying for [position]. At this time, we will not be moving forward with your application.” 


Making it Personal

One of the best aspects of NUSO’s Cloud-Based Messaging Solution is its capability to send group messages.  Your clients can personalize text commands and messages at scale.  This makes it seem as though they sent the message individually instead of to a group of people. Your customers will love it!

If you found these text message templates useful and would like to discuss how NUSO can further help improve your or your customer’s business interactions, call us at 1-844-438-6876.