When it comes to offering communication solutions, there are millions of options out there for you to choose from. It can be difficult to know exactly what solutions your clients will respond to well and what will keep them engaged. While it’s great to offer the latest and greatest feature-packed services, building lasting customer relationships is all about presenting your clients with what they actually need. Communication Platforms as a Service (CPaaS) is a great solution for you to give your clients what they need, which not only includes the features they need, but also delivers real-time communications, stickiness, and flexibility.

Real-Time Communications

CPaaS delivers Real-Time Communications (RTC) that the world has come to expect from its technology. It allows businesses to easily incorporate instant communications into vital parts of their business. In a world of prompt text messaging and next-day delivery, it’s nice to be able to supply clients with solutions like video conferencing that bring them into the ‘instant’ world and give them the leg up they deserve. CPaaS can even give employees instant access to each other through messaging; they no longer need to wait on emails to collaborate.


All businesses are sensitive to the cost of their solutions but CPaaS is a very price-conscious solution. This allows your customers to connect to their UCaaS service, without fork-lift expenses to support the technology.  Not all businesses are working with the same budget, which makes CPaaS the perfect option/addition for them.

CPaaS allows your clients to integrate the features they need and leave out the ones they don’t via application programming interfaces – or APIs. For example, if your clients could really benefit from messaging, but don’t need video conferencing, they could integrate one and not the other.  If your solution fits comfortably within your client’s budget, you can be sure they’ll stick around longer instead of always hunting for the lowest prices.


APIs are created to help the user talk to the machine. Without these types of connections, both user and technology would be lost not understanding which functions to perform. Essentially, an API is how your technology knows what functions the user wants it to perform. For example, a voice API empowers the system to recognize human language to execute a given task, a texting API allows companies to send and receive SMS and MMS messages between themselves and a given recipient. A nice solution to add for the business.


CPaaS can also be beneficial to you as a partner. It allows you to customize your feature offerings to match those in your target audiences and put aside all other unnecessary options. This creates a smoother sales process, reduces the chance of buyer fatigue, and makes your packaging more dynamic.

Delivering Real-Time Communications to Your Clients

To put it simply, real-time communication (or RTC) is communication that is being done instantly, in real-time. So how exactly does CPaaS help with RTC capabilities?

CPaaS allows your customers to alter their communications with APIs and incorporate new methods into platforms they already utilize. This means they can stay on a familiar platform, access whatever information they need to access, and simultaneously communicate across multiple channels. Whether that be with their customers, bosses, or peers. CPaaS allows for communication through different channels while staying in the same place. This can lead to improved customer engagement, collaboration, and even improved marketing capabilities. All happening in real-time!

The Future Market of CPaaS

While a relatively new product, CPaaS is growing quickly and proving to be a valuable component to businesses of all types.  In fact, IDC says, “The CPaaS market is forecast to grow from $4.2 billion in 2019 to $17.7 billion in 2024.” This is a growth opportunity not to be missed. With customers seeking more connections to business, utilizing CPaaS can be a game-changer for the marketplace. Consistent upgrades, additions, and new use cases are common for this platform.

The biggest trend of this decade is mobile-focused communications. Mobile is quickly becoming all end-users’ way of life, and CPaaS is the easiest and most affordable way for your clients to provide mobile-centric solutions. This means that tablets, laptops, and even cell phones can now be utilized as the mobile office through CPaaS apps. A mobile option is exactly what remote, hybrid and traveling workers need.

Additionally, CPaaS suppliers are continuing to make this solution even more convenient. In fact, nearly 70% of developmental companies are putting their attention on API development to improve CPaaS solutions.

Real-Time Communication is no longer a company luxury. It’s now what end-users expect out of businesses. CPaaS is the affordable way to utilize these solutions.

Build Customer Relationships that Stick

Of course, there’s nothing as satisfying as landing a brand-new client. But the best way to make profits is by offering your clients – new and old – a product they love that is worth sticking around for. A faithful client that has a great relationship built with you and your product is far more valuable (and from a funnel aspect, affordable) than someone who hops from company to company looking for all the best deals. Cement the relationship with your customer by offering this leading solution.

Creating Sticky Relationships

The business world is more competitive than ever, this means that businesses need to keep up with the times to remain relevant. Investing in APIs is a great way to do so. By offering CPaaS solutions, you’re enabling businesses of all sizes access to these success-building capabilities. Even small to medium-size businesses can utilize these prebuilt or customized APIs. This means they can finally afford to unlock modern tools and features without having to do a complete overhaul of their existing communications.

Like other “as a Service” solutions, CPaaS has ready-made solutions out of the box. is plug-and-play! This means faster deployment of products, greater flexibility and easier customization for your clients. Not only does it create a more seamless sales process, but it also improves scalability and revenue generation. As your clients grow their business, your provided solution can grow with them. It’s the same for the customization process. Your clients can easily choose the functions they have to suit the needs that fit their businesses. They can also add other functions when necessary, and don’t have to pay for the solutions they don’t need. Better flexibility and customization lead to deeper and longer-lasting relationships.

Understand and Customize for Your Customers Needs

Know Your Target Market

Although nearly all businesses can benefit from CPaaS, it isn’t always in the reseller’s best interest to try and land every potential customer. The more tailored and specific your market, the easier it is to know what features you should offer and who to target your marketing towards. By knowing your niche market, you can really focus on what you offer and to whom, thus landing more specific businesses, and supplying them with exactly what they need. This leads to more satisfied customers.

Wonder who your target audience is? A good way to discover this is to look at your existing customers. Organize them by industry and figure out what features and services they have in common. Different industries benefit from different features, so this will help you get to know your audience better. Do you have more customers in a particular industry? Are some of these more profitable for your business? Do you have knowledge in a particular industry that makes it easier for you to sell to? You can and should leverage this information to grow your business and provide great service within markets or verticals.

If you don’t already have a customer base, it’s good to start with an industry you’re familiar with. The more comfortable you are, the more comfortable you’ll make your leads feel. It really pays to know an industry’s pain points, because you then know how to provide solutions that solve those issues. A more satisfying experience equals a longer and healthier relationship!

Package for Your Specific Industries

Now that you know who you’re going after, build your features up so that you can customize your offerings to fit that market’s particular needs. Create custom packages that you know will be popular within that industry. This will speed up the sales process and make your business look more knowledgeable and trustworthy.  Enhancing the customer experience is always a win-win. Plus, once you’ve created these specific packages you can start to grow your target audience without putting a strain on your sales team.

Customize Your Offerings

CPaaS is so easy to customize as you go. Let’s say your clients are having great success connecting with their customers currently, but have realized that their customers want to reach them in other ways? Well, CPaaS is the perfect solution! It’s so easy to incorporate all of the CPaaS features and functions with your current solutions and unlock even more features with practically the flip of a switch. Additionally, while technology advances, CPaaS does as well. You’ll always be able to offer your clients the latest and greatest to keep them in the loop.

NUSO Delivers the Solutions Your Clients Need

Chances are you already carry a Unified Communications (UC) solution. Well, CPaaS is the perfect product to carry alongside your UC. It’s great for reaching those clients who may not necessarily have UC in the budget. In addition to its standalone status, it can also be offered as an add-on for additional features alongside your own UC platform.

Choosing the Right CPaaS Partner

Who you partner with for your CPaaS solution makes all the difference. Just like end-users and resellers, not all providers are the same. Below are some attributes to take into consideration when trying to decide who to partner with:

  1. Do they offer a variety of CPaaS solutions? The more you can customize, the more fulfilled your relationships with your customers will be. Most offer messaging and voice APIs, but it should be important to you to find a partner with a full stack of available features. Be aware of what would improve your customers’ experience and look for those features.
  1. Does this partner go above and beyond? The solution should integrate seamlessly with other software and should give you flexibility when it comes to billing, documentation, and UI. The more you can customize and stand out, the better brand loyalty you’ll build for your business.
  1. Can the partner support your needs? A great partner will have a support team in place ready and waiting to help you through any issues that may arise. Along with the support team, great partners also have a team of developers who are constantly adding features to the platform.

NUSO Allows for Flexibility & Customization

At NUSO we are focused on making products that benefit our partners time and time again. Our CPaaS Platform is the perfect product to help you reach businesses from all verticals looking to beef up their communications and gain a competitive edge.

Our platform is focused on being flexible and user-friendly. It’s packed with great voice and messaging capabilities and boasts a highly intuitive web interface. There are countless helpful tools and custom APIs so that our partners are truly able to make it their own.

NUSO is one of the select few CPaaS providers that owns its own network. That means more reliability, scalability, and cost savings for our partners. Our network, paired with our APIs and Development team, provides high-quality communication services for you no matter what your company size. Whether you’re a huge enterprise or just starting out, our product is there to supply you with a seamless experience. You’ll have access to all the greatest APIs, plus we allow you the freedom to truly make the product your own.

NUSO Makes Selling CPaaS Easy

Our support is incomparable to anything in the telecom industry. You can expect 24/7 support from U.S.-based staff that is driven to make you successful. Plus, since we are a network carrier, you cut out a lot of middlemen. You’ll have faster access to your information, and you’ll no longer have to log into different platforms to manage your APIs. NUSO is also white-label ready right out of the gate as well, because we want to help you grow your brand loyalty!

Our CPaaS platform is unique when it comes to communication options, making NUSO your perfect partner when it comes to improving your customer stickiness, and creating long-lasting relationships. We give you access to tools to deliver flexibility and unleash new capabilities for your clients. Plus, you’ll be receiving NUSO’s top-notch customer service. As our partner, you’ll receive nothing but the best care when it comes to serving you and helping your clients.

If you’re ready to learn even more about CPaaS and start supplying your customers with a great boost in their communications give us a call! We’d love to talk about your clients and discuss whether CPaaS is right for you. Call us at 844-438-NUSO or send us an email at contact@nuso.cloud and let’s start communicating today!