NUSO is moving and shaking! Our team worked with a customer in Manhattan for a successful install of our UCaaS solution last month.

How NUSO Helps Businesses

NUSO helps companies and organizations from New York City to San Francisco communicate better with our UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) solutions including:

  • Business VoIP
  • Mobile App
  • Video Conferencing
  • Instant Messaging
  • Business SMS
  • Screen Sharing

With a feature-rich platform, we bring together voice, mobility, messaging, presence, conferencing, and collaboration. Our diverse services help businesses and organizations of all sizes become more productive.

Why NUSO UCaaS is Right for My Business?

NUSO Unified Communications Suite makes staying connected at work easy. Our phone services enable calls through any device like your desktop computer, laptop, or smartphone. Video conferencing lets your teams, customers, and partners meet anywhere. Instant messaging and Business SMS allow you to chat anytime.

Our UCaaS provides your business:


Your goal is to drive business. If you’re a company searching for a better way to communicate across devices and locations, NUSO Cloud Solutions brings together your customers and teams. Our business cloud phone system is designed with your flexibility in mind – easily add new users from your dashboard or upgrade to advanced plans as your business evolves. Our UCaaS Solution is also built to integrate with your favorite business apps like Outlook, so everything syncs perfectly.

Built for Your Business

Every business is different and that’s why we provide over 200 cloud phone features to support the way you work. Some NUSO UCaaS Features include Auto-Attendant to answer simple questions and guide your callers to the right department, Call Recording to improve customer service, and an Online Dashboard so you can add or remove numbers at your convenience.

These are only a few powerful NUSO features. Check out how a cloud phone system can work for your company in our blog –  VoIP Features That Will Transform Your Business: Part 1 & Part 2.


UCaaS is more affordable than you think. With a business VoIP system, your business doesn’t have to invest in expensive equipment. All the necessary hardware is in the cloud, or over the internet. Plus, we offer free unlimited U.S and Canada calling with low international call rates. Switching to business VoIP can save you thousands of dollars every year.


Salesforce reports 86% of workers say lack of collaboration and effective communication cause workplace failures. Have your employees let a phone call go unanswered because they were already with another customer? Features like Auto-Attendant ease the brunt of incoming calls by answering simple inquiries without human intervention.

Has email miscommunication lead to a mistake in a customer’s order? Video Meetings give more context compared to email and can prevent misunderstandings.

Businesses can’t afford communication mistakes when customers leave a company after only one bad experience. NUSO UCaaS improves communication by streamlining voice, video, messaging, and presence into one single, easy to use platform.

We Are A Better Partner, Too

NUSO just isn’t another VoIP provider – we set up our channel partners for success. Unlike many other SaaS providers, we only sell through our network of partners. Our 100% channel focus sets us apart from the competition. We believe that building your business is an important part of our relationship.

In addition, our fast (like under a minute fast) phone number provisioning gives you the edge over the competition. Can your customer afford to wait up to 15 days for a new phone number? The NUSO U.S-based support team is ready to get you onboarded as quickly as possible so you can start earning revenue with our strong commission plan.

Get More Done with NUSO UCaaS

Whether you’re in Manhattan or Madison, NUSO UCaaS means your phone isn’t tied down to your office desk. With our software, your teams can use their smartphone, desktop, laptop, or tablet as their office phone. The possibilities are endless. NUSO lets you call, text, and video chat from anywhere.

Want to learn how NUSO services can transform your business communication? Contact us today and we’ll connect you with one of our Authorized NUSO Resellers.

Interested in working with a UCaaS partner that has your back? Learn more about our Channel Partner program here.