UCaaS vs CPaaS, what’s right for your customers? For telecom resellers looking to beef up their offerings, there is no shortage of solutions to choose from. However, deciding what is best for your customer base can be challenging. With new acronyms popping up every quarter, how are you supposed to choose? It may even feel like you’re just throwing darts at a wall and seeing what sticks.

Below, we are going to discuss two of the more popular (and fastest-growing) solutions, so you can better decide what works for your customers. We are going to help you break down UCaaS vs CPaaS so that you are better informed to make a decision that has the potential to completely alter your offerings.

What is UCaaS?

UCaaS, or Unified Communications as a Service, is an all-inclusive solution. UCaaS puts all your communications and controls into one easy-to-use platform. In fact, 68% of UCaaS buyers say their decision to switch was highly influenced by the single platform functionality.  Most UCaaS solutions combine the traditional voice and telephony solutions that businesses expect and pair them with features like video conferencing, chat, presence indicators, and SMS/MMS in one simple platform. Additionally, most solutions are now including conferencing and video chat as well.

The added bonus of UCaaS is it increases a business’s flexibility and mobility. As it is a cloud-based solution, it is accessible for users from anywhere with an internet connection. Most UCaaS solutions even come with mobile and desktop applications that turn any device into your work communication hub.

The Benefits of UCaaS for Your Customers

Like all ‘as a Service’ solutions, UCaaS is cloud-based, which makes it easy for your customers to start up, maintain, and scale. Additionally, as a reseller, the maintenance of the platform will fall on the solution provider rather than on you.

UCaaS creates a cohesive experience, which makes it easy to train new team members, and cuts back on time spent hopping between different communication methods. This means that most businesses can expect to see an increase in their productivity. Plus, UCaaS integrates with most CRMs!

UCaaS is packed with practical features like call routing, IVR, and click-to-dial that make a business’s day-to-day run smoother. It’s perfect for any business wanting centralized communication that increases their capabilities and productivity.

What is CPaaS?

CPaaS, or Communication Platform as a Service, is a solution that allows you access to real-time communications, with flexibility as to how you’re accessing these communications. CPaaS services are entirely customizable, as they use APIs (or application program interfaces) to build solutions of your choice into your existing applications. This increases your capabilities and allows you to remain on the platforms that you are already accustomed to.

The Benefits of CPaaS for Your Customers

CPaaS is another cloud-based solution, so you can access your applications easily. It uses the infrastructure built and maintained by your supplier, so there are no major equipment or maintenance costs. It is easily upgraded, so when your customers need more features or capabilities, they can add them in real-time.

Additionally, with CPaaS being a “build your own” offering your customers get their perfect solution. If building customizable APIs isn’t your customer’s thing, there are options for easy-to-implement APIs as well.

UCaaS vs CPaaS

When it comes down to offering UCaaS vs CPaaS, it helps to think of your customer base. UCaaS is the perfect solution if your customers are looking for an all-encompassing solution to upgrade their communications. While CPaaS is a better solution for a business wanting to just add a capability or two to their current solution.

UCaaS can provide more features and capabilities, which is perfect for customers who do a lot of communicating and place a lot of calls. As a more cost-effective solution than its premise-based ancestors, UCaaS equips your customers with a brand new all-in-one platform to handle all their communication needs. Where CPaaS stands apart, it enables new communication methods and functionality, without having to replace their current solution.

Additionally, when combined with UCaaS, CPaaS can really beef up its functionality! CPaaS is essentially a tool for adding on increased communications. In the UCaaS vs. CPaaS realm, it’s comparable to buying a whole car, or just getting new tires. Different companies have different needs, so to know what you need to offer, you need to know what your customers want when it comes to their communications.

UCaaS vs CPaaS: You Don’t Have to Choose Between the Two

If UCaaS vs CPaaS has been an internal battle you’ve been having with yourself when deciding what to offer your customers, just know, it doesn’t have to be one or the other! NUSO knows that there is value in both products and wants to ensure you have the right offerings for your customers.

Our UCaaS solution gives your customers a reliable and secure connection with unmatched uptime and flexible access through any device. It’s user-friendly, cost-effective, and designed for scalability to fit their growing needs.

Our CPaaS Platform allows our resellers a more flexible offering that can fit into any budget and allows for further customizations. Whether your customers need to add messaging, voice, or SIP APIs, CPaaS allows you to build them a personalized solution. We also offer turnkey access for those wishing to eliminate any technical complexities.

Knowing what your customers need is half the battle of deciding what solution is the best fit. Offering both solutions helps eliminate that conundrum and allows you to upsell in any situation with offerings that fit all needs.

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