You have successfully solved all your pain points by picking a platform provider that has your best interest in mind. Now it’s time to turn to your customer’s pain points so that you can successfully start selling your offering. When trying to understand customer expectations, a good practice is to look at the various departments and their needs. From here, you can tailor your messaging to solve the needs of the entire organization with a Unified Communications (UCaaS) solution. 

Owners of any business want cloud solutions and fast results. The lead engineer wants to tighten their business processes with automation. The marketing manager wants more personalized and integrated marketing. The sales department wants a tightly integrated CRM, while the customer service reps want true contact center features. Finally, the accountants need to keep costs on the lower end. 

How can you meet all these needs without a hefty price tag? Simple! By offering a Unified Communications solution, which combines two key benefits: one platform and many features. 

Avoiding Swivel-Chair Operations with One Platform 

Most of your potential customers will want a handful of functionalities, like voice, video, messaging, and conferencing. While many already have access to these functions, they are often spread across multiple platforms. As time goes on, meetings are missed, logins are lost, and paying for each separate service starts to squeeze the budget too tightly. 

By combining all these services into a single unified communications platform, your customers get the functionality of communicating how they want to, without the headaches of accessing multiple channels. Moreover, the entire organization benefits from an integrated and seamless system. 

Because Unified Communications solutions are cloud-based, there is no need for a hardware closet and maintenance is virtually unnoticeable by the customer. Furthermore, your customer will have an already consolidated system that’s ready for CRM integration. 

Unified Communications (UCaaS) Needs by Department 

Luckily, the right Unified Communications solution solves the needs of nearly every department. Let’s dive into the key departments and what they need: 

Customer Service 

The digital age has completely altered customer expectations. Consumers expect fast and personalized service because they are used to companies having their information. It’s not that customer service teams don’t want to provide quick, personalized service – most of the time, the tools they have do not allow them to provide that level of service. 

Here’s where contact center features help elevate a customer service team’s effectiveness. With all communications channels housed under the same interface, customer interactions are easily trackable. Thanks to CRM integrations, customer service reps are provided with contextual insights into what the caller needs. This allows customer service reps to provide faster and more personalized service. 


According to a HubSpot Customer Acquisition Study, 40% of professionals claim that getting a response from a prospect is getting harder every year. Despite the many sales enablement tools available, sales staff are simply less effective without accurate and comprehensive customer data. Yet many organizations struggle to routinely use their CRM, resulting in deserted databases. 

With a Unified Communications solution, sales staff are able to use their business number from any internet-connected device, so that every interaction is recorded. Sales can automatically sync interactions with the use of an integrated CRM. Which can then trigger marketing initiatives. 


Thanks to digital marketing and enhanced integrations, marketers these days fervently track buyer behavior. Allowing them to personalize content and automate marketing activities based on behavior signals. Like sales, however, marketers need to have fully integrated data to do their jobs effectively. 

When you add CPaaS (communication platform as a service) to your Unified Communications solution, marketing teams from any organization can add real-time communication channels, such as voice, video, and chat to their marketing tool belt. Allowing marketers to reach prospects and customers with ease no matter what communication method they prefer. 

An additional marketing channel that is growing in popularity is business messaging (SMS/MMS). This functionality enables marketing departments to further personalize outreach based on buyer behavior, interactions, and more. 


Don’t leave out the IT departments! The more technology they have to manage, maintain and keep secure, the less time these departments have to work on innovation and company growth. Moreover, the more vendors that they have to deal with, the more complex, costly, and error-prone their jobs become. 

A Unified Communications solution is easy to implement, requiring no hardware closets and minimal intervention. Instead of IT maintaining the business’s phone system, large updates are handled at the platform level. While you, the service provider, handle smaller, customer-specific updates. Thereby lifting the burden off of IT’s shoulders. 

Leading Your Customers through Digital Transformation 

Consumer technology is advancing way faster than workplace technology. Unfortunately, consumers expect business tech to reflect the ease of use they experience in their personal lives. With a Unified Communications and CPaaS solution, you can provide workplace functionality that matches customer expectations, solves their pain points, and propels your legacy customers into the new era with tools that help them work smarter, not harder. 

NUSO’s UCaaS and CPaaS Platform help you transform your customers’ communications and enhance their efficiency, productivity, and scalability. Realize unlimited growth with a platform built for reseller success. Worry less about maintenance, downtime, and latency with a geo-redundant platform with unmatched uptime. Extend your reach with our global network. You can have it all with NUSO! 

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