The end of POTS isn’t a catastrophic event. You can help your customers transition to next-generation communications with service from NUSO.

If you rely on a landline for your business, you´re not alone. Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) still use some form of Plain Old Telephone Services (POTS).

POTS is a circuit-switched telephone network. It relies on a single piece of technology, the telephone line. POTS has been around since Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876, but its days are numbered. Digital telephony is replacing POTS and it’s important to know what this means for your business telecommunications needs.

The FCC released a Report & Order (R&O), Declaratory Ruling, in 2017 that addressed the retirement of landline copper lines and replacement of legacy services with next-generation services, such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) by August 2, 2022.

Nearly all of the United States has modernized to digital telephony meaning POTS systems are effectively obsolete and becoming more expensive every day.

What are POTS lines and why are they being phased out?

  • POTS stands for Plain Old Telephone Service
  • POTS is a phone system that uses analog technology
  • POTS is being phased out because of the FCC ruling
  • VOIP is a digital phone system that has been around for decades
  • VOIP is the standard for phone systems and business communications today and tomorrow
Why use NUSO Service to replace POTS?

  • NUSO has been replacing POTS for over 15 years
  • Any line that was previously used for voice communication can be converted
  • NUSO gives you the tools to manage your POTS replacement service with next-generation features

Times have changed, and so have business communications needs.

With the much-anticipated transition away from POTS lines this year, many rushed to find solutions. There is no need to panic! Now, you can help your customers transition without changing their underlying infrastructure. NUSO services integrate with both on-premise PBX phone systems and cloud-based UCaaS phone services. This bridges the gap as businesses transition from on-premise phone systems to UCaaS phone systems. NUSO POTS replacement gives businesses added features, business continuity, mobility, and support, all while helping to reduce maintenance costs.

The telecommunications landscape has changed, and the newest generations of cloud communications are the best technological solutions for your business. It’s more secure, cost-effective, and flexible. With NUSO as your provider, you can take advantage of all these benefits while still giving your customer all the reliability of traditional telephony systems with feature-rich advances.

NUSO enables our partners to succeed by customizing solutions to meet the growing needs of small to medium size businesses and enterprise end users.

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