Do you remember your first text message? It was probably something along the lines of “Hi” or “Did you get this?” But, what used to be a new and exciting technology is now a typical form of communicating with almost everyone. In fact, over 145 billion text messages worldwide are sent every day. It’s only natural and fitting for businesses to adopt this form of communication as well. 

Maybe you’re not sure if business messaging is right for your business. You may send text messages to friends and family all day, but how can this technology help your business and your customers? Well, we’ve got 3 fantastic reasons why business messaging is crucial to the survival of your business:

1. Improve Customer Service

As we’ve already established in a previous blog, business messaging helps improve customer engagement rates. In fact, 75% of customers would like special offers sent to them through text messages.

Take notifications as an example, business messaging allows companies to easily update their customers on anything like shipping status, sale announcements, event updates, and so on. The seemingly small and quick communication builds trust with your customers and increases the likelihood of repeat customers. Did you know that repeat customers are 9 times more likely to convert than first-time visitors? Therefore, nurturing your customers through business messaging is an easy line to creating repeat customers and increase your conversion rates.

2. The Millennial Market Loves Messaging

Did you know that 27% of the world’s population is in the Millennial demographic? That’s nearly 2 billion people! What is your company doing to really engage with this market? This generation grew up right in the thick of some major technological advances. And consequently have since been driving the ‘instant’ communications train. Business messaging is a great way to encourage Millennial brand loyalty to your company.  

Messaging means instant and easy communication. Open Market conducted a survey that found that at least 75% of Millennials would prefer text messages when it comes to scheduling/verifying appointments, deliveries, and even coupons. A simple text that can be read at someone’s earliest convenience versus an interrupting, and most likely not answered, phone call. This means you’re more likely to get in contact with your customers and less likely to leave a nasty and disruptive impression. Millennials are currently between the ages of 23-39 years old and need to have your company’s attention. Business messaging is a great way to encourage Millennial brand loyalty to your company.

3. Easily Keep Customers Informed

Business messaging is a great way to keep your customers informed in a non-intrusive, and frankly more affordable, way. An automated message sent out about changes to potentially hundreds of customers keeps them in the loop without you having to pay someone to reach out to all of those customers individually.  

Even when it comes to sending out individual appointment reminders, you’ll be saving time. No more time eating one-on-one or unanswered phone calls. Your customers will have the ability to respond to said message stating whether they can fulfill said appointment. And in the off chance that someone can’t make an appointment, you’re now more likely to know ahead of time if you’ve got a slot available to fill. 

Business messaging is also a great feature to tie in with your marketing methods. Say you’re running a great promotion for current customers. Did you know that 98% of all messages get opened? That’s a pretty significant number of people actually viewing your marketing material! Messaging is just an all-around fantastic way to be sure your customers are hearing from you, the way they want to.

Enhance Your Customer Service with Messaging

While business messaging is a great tool to have in your arsenal, it is not a replacement for your vital staff members. Yes, it allows for contacting your customers instantly via their smartphones, but nothing can replace that human connection that is vital in business. An automated chatbot is a great way to mesh these components together. A chatbot can make the initial inquisition, then step aside, and allow for that special touch only an employee can provide. It’s crucial for businesses to find that perfect balance between utilizing the efficiency that business messaging can provide, and maintaining that personal touch that strong employees bring to customer interactions. 

Why NUSO Business Messaging

NUSO’s business messaging can provide you with the perfect time-saving efficiency your company needs to give itself that instant, interactive edge. Our business messaging uses simple integration through APIs to make messaging simple. We also provide support for common A2P (application to person) messaging. Which can be utilized for a plethora of business interactions like updates, notifications, alerts, marketing, appointments, and so much more. Furthermore, our messaging has built-in compliance guidance to help keep your business protected. Your customers can’t wait to start hearing from you! Contact NUSO today, or review our messaging page, to get started with business messaging that can truly set you apart!