NUSO Earns Metrigy Top Provider Award for Communication Platform as a Service Provider

Customers Cite Response Time, Technical Features, Application Quality, and Platform Reliability for Optimized Customer Success as Highlights

On June 6, 2023, Metrigy recognized NUSO as a Top Metrigy Provider for their innovative Communications Platform as-a-Service (CPaaS) offerings. The Top Provider Award recognizes the significant impact of NUSO’s products and services on their customers’ success and on the customers’ overall sentiment and experience.

Matt Siemens headshot wearing glassesWe are delighted to be recognized by Metrigy as a Top Provider in CPaaS offerings,” said Matt Siemens, NUSO CEO. “The democratization of cloud communication services is increasingly important for NUSO. We meet our customers where they expect to be met. We believe this award recognizes those efforts, and are excited to share more throughout the remainder of 2023.”

NUSO is a cloud communications SaaS provider, delivering full stack solutions exclusively through authorized channel partners and regulated carriers. Voice, Messaging (SMS), and complex communication and collaboration integrations are made possible using NUSO’s “as a service” infrastructure.

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Metrigy determines MetriStar Award winners solely on customer rating and insights from more than 1,600 CX and IT leaders on key customer engagement technology categories in its Customer Experience MetriCast 2023 global research study. CPaaS, which is one of 14 technologies covered in the MetriStar Award program, has become a critical enabler for companies looking to optimize customer experience by adding new engagement channels, creating seamless integrations, streamlining workflows, and more, Metrigy reported.

In a crowded field, NUSO stands out for achieving above-average customer ratings for technical features, response time to problems and questions, bang for the buck, and, especially, no-code/loc-code application quality as well as platform reliability. Regarding the latter two, NUSO received the highest ratings of 11 CPaaS providers evaluated for a MetriStar Award,” said Beth Schultz, vice president of research and principal analyst, Metrigy. “Additionally, NUSO had among the highest percentage of customers within Metrigy’s research success group for CPaaS––at 58.3%, well above the average of 34.2%.

NUSO provides telephony resources and technology to enable customers to achieve business success.

About NUSO

NUSO is a multi-national communications-focused Software as a Service (SaaS) provider. We deliver full stack solutions through authorized channel partners and regulated carriers. Our team is headquartered in University City, Missouri, USA with selling channels throughout the US, Canada and Western Europe. Our real-time service provisioning enables expedited and reliable customer experiences. Voice, Messaging (SMS), and complex communication and collaboration integrations are made possible using our “as a service” infrastructure: Communications Platform (CPaaS), Unified Communications (UCaaS), Contact Center (CCaaS). For more information, visit us at

About Metrigy

Metrigy is an innovative research firm focusing on the rapidly changing areas of Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC)/digital workplace, and Customer Experience (CX)/contact center—along with several related technologies. Metrigy delivers strategic guidance and informative content, backed by primary research metrics and analysis, for technology providers and enterprise organizations.

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