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Mastor Telecom 

This NUSO Partner Spotlight shares insights from our partner, Tina Maguire, General Manager of Mastor Telecom, about cloud communications and digital infrastructure technology. Mastor, located in metro St. Louis, services clients within 100 miles of the St. Louis Arch, and nationwide through an installing dealer network.

The NUSO Partner Spotlight series focuses on sharing snapshots of the telecommunications market and technologies landscape by speaking with our Partners across the United States. 

In This Edition of the NUSO Partner Spotlight

  • Introductions – NUSO & Mastor Telecom
  • Video Surveillance, Security & Communication Infrastructure
  • From Cell Phones to Cloud
  • Hybrid VoIP
  • Teamwork: NUSO & Mastor
  • The Mastor Difference
  • Remote, On-Premise, or Hybrid?
  • Success Stories & Disaster Recovery
  • What’s Next for Mastor?

NUSO collaborates with our Partners to deliver enterprise-class cloud communications solutions (SaaS) and CPaaS enablement to organizations and businesses of all sizes. 

Selected Excerpts from the Video

Tina Maguire on Hybrid VoIP

“We’re talking to a lot of non-tech industries who have yet to see the impact of cloud communications. Or working with small to medium businesses that don’t want to. They don’t feel things are broken, so there’s nothing to fix. Basically, don’t fix what’s not broken. 

Now I’m hearing questions about is there a kind of hybrid approach where a company can start joining the digital transformation, start moving to Cloud, without totally disrupting and getting rid of everything they’re familiar with? It’s a fair question. 

When telephone manufacturers made the transition to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) they didn’t want to go in with a wrecking ball on the existing phone systems, so what they typically did was to come up with ways to make existing systems VoIP compatible. You had digital and analog systems out there that had an Internet Protocol component, so you could gradually make that transition on an on-premise system. 

Today, most of the people who have an old antiquated system are completely making the jump into the world of Cloud. They’re either doing a cloud space or total VoIP. On-premise systems are numbering less and less every day. We see many businesses going with a full Cloud solution, which is where our focus is. Cloud-based systems provide so many advantages to the small business. From an ongoing maintenance perspective, it’s just easier. 

It’s a really difficult thing for large businesses to give up on-premise control of their telephone systems. It can quickly become a very expensive solution for a large entity or enterprise. But for the small to medium business, it’s not really a lift to get them to make that leap, especially if they’re facing reinvesting in a VoIP system.” 

The Service in Managed Services

“Say the transaction we have with our customers was selling a cloud communications platform and one of the large cable companies was trying to sell their cloud platform. What breaks down for a lot of customers that choose the large company experience is the support you get once it’s installed.

Everything is a great experience at first with questions like: ‘Tell me a little bit about your users so we get this set up.’ But the second you have to change something, they’ve walked away from that initial turn-up. That’s where the challenges start.

What Mastor brings to the table is support that never stops. It’s included in what you’re paying on a monthly basis. You can call us, you can email us, or you can call NUSO or email NUSO. Layers of support that don’t exist with other larger scale platforms that are out there.

Some customers go online and a website says, ‘Hey, start your free trial!’ 

You put in some details and they ship you a couple phones. Then you have to figure out how to make everything work. Mastor is here to walk you through that experience. To get the phone system set up, to come back if it’s not set up the right way. We can do all kinds of things remotely, helping you change things when needed. We do that on a daily basis.

When someone has a business, their purpose in life is not to deal with their communications system. They need a partner who is an expert on telecom. The customer doesn’t want to be a phone expert, they want us to work with their IT department, or be their IT department.“ 

The Mastor Difference

“To give you the idea of the scale of the services we can provide, we have a customer that is a community college based in Missouri. I actually brought them on board as a NUSO customer. They have about 500 lines of service. Phones in every single one of their classrooms. All of their professors and professional staff have phones. They have a fairly extensive Auto Attendance system and multiple campuses all tied together. 

They’ve been with us since 2014, which is pretty early adoption of cloud technology for an entity of that size. The benefits they have derived from our affiliation with NUSO, and directly from NUSO, over the years keeps them with us. It’s an example of having great relationships, and maintaining those relationships with customers of all sizes, that really speaks to the power of the relationships you can build.

NUSO makes it easy to manage the challenges we have had. A circuit gets cut at a location and all of a sudden, we’re all scrambling to make sure the customer can still make and receive phone calls. It’s one of the universal truths, unfortunately technology does break and the fallout really depends on having the right partners in place.” 

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NUSO Partner Spotlight Series

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