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Cloud Auto Attendant

A telephone system auto attendant is more than an answering machine, it’s a virtual receptionist, helping callers navigate through a business’ system to reach the appropriate party. Beyond simply routing calls, even during peak hours, a digital attendant can provide information, such as hours of operation, locations, promotions, notifications in case of emergencies, and more. It can also send callers directly to an appropriate voicemail to address their call. 

A cloud-based auto attendant offers a variety of features and benefits over premise-based auto attendant systems, particularly when a cloud-based voicemail system is included.

  • Fail-over, disaster recovery
  • Ease of use
  • Mobility
  • Centralized control
  • Scalability
  • Cost effectiveness

Combining a cloud auto attendant and voicemail with a SIP Trunking solution seems like a natural fit. SIP Trunking is the easiest way to adapt legacy telephone systems to the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) infrastructure that has largely replaced traditional copper lines over the past decades. It’s the ideal alternative to a Rip and Replace solution. Unfortunately, cloud auto attendants and voicemail are too often supplied by completely different vendors for many SIP Trunking users.

Fail-Over for Reliability

In the event of a telephone system outage or disaster, cloud-based auto attendants and voicemail systems remain active, operating from geo-redundant data centers. These cloud systems typically provide automatic backup and disaster recovery, ensuring service continuity even in the event of hardware failures.

Users calling into a business or organization with a cloud-based auto attendant hear the same menu options, including emergency information, and are able to leave messages via the voicemail system. If the business has internet access, they can retrieve messages, change and update notifications to callers, etc.

The cloud auto attendant can be quickly set up to automatically forward calls to a mobile number, or several cell phone numbers, in case of a location-based disruption or outage. Virtually any internet capable device becomes a telephone endpoint, allowing a business to quickly recover and remain responsive to customer needs and concerns. 

Cloud voicemail boxes can be shared by multiple users, with differing permission levels that allow only certain users to listen and/or delete messages. Because it’s stored in a secure and reliable cloud system, voicemail can also be accessed from any internet connected device – cell phone, tablet, laptop, etc.

What Makes Cloud Attendants Different?

When combined with SIP Trunking solutions, cloud-based auto attendants offer multiple advantages and features over premise-based systems.

Cloud Provides Ease of Use

Set-up and configuration typically require minimal IT skills. Instead, this is managed by the service provider via a user-friendly web portal. While premise-based systems typically require an in-house IT staff to maintain and update the system, a cloud-based system is maintained by the provider, typically a team with the specialized knowledge required to keep systems running 24/7 without interruption.

Updates to a cloud auto attendant can be performed automatically, frequently occurring in the background. Changes to the auto attendant system can be made in a web portal from any internet capable device with access, be it the managed service provider or, with a user-friendly interface, in-house staff.

The importance of a user-friendly interface cannot be overstated. Businesses and organizations of all sizes are able to quickly make changes to their cloud auto attendants and voicemail via a web portal as the need arises. This allows the user to retain control of outgoing messages and incoming calls. And, being controlled via a web portal, the system can be administered without having to go into an office or call out a technician.

Centralized Control

Cloud-based auto attendants and voicemail can be adjusted or changed from any internet ready device (endpoint) with the appropriate permissions. Even if the business has multiple locations, individual auto attendants and voicemail boxes for each location can be controlled from the same central interface via the web. 


The ability to scale any system, up or down, is vital in meeting business demands and avoiding unnecessary costs. Business needs change all the time.

  • Growth (the best kind of change)
  • Seasonal business
  • New locations

Cloud-based auto attendants and voicemail systems can quickly scale up or down based on call volume, accommodating fluctuations – be they seasonal, sudden spikes, or steady growth – without additional hardware purchases.

Additional Features & Cost Effectiveness

Cloud auto attendants and voicemail typically offer a variety of features that can prove expensive with premise-based systems. Advanced greetings, multilingual support, self-service options, call analytics, and even integrations into other systems. Adding new features to a cloud auto attendant can be done within minutes/hours instead of days/weeks and does not require an up-front expenditure in hardware.

Cloud auto attendants and voicemail, being a service instead of a hardware investment, are virtually future-proof. Able to adapt new technologies, features, and security measures in a fraction of the time a hardware-based system takes.

Without the up-front costs of hardware, technician visits to each site, and all the other complications of a premise-based system, cloud auto attendants and voicemail are quickly and easily implemented. They provide a predictable monthly expense and a flexibility ideal for organizations and businesses of all sizes.

SIP Trunking, the Easy Path to Digital

SIP Trunking is the easy path to VoIP. It offers significant cost savings, eliminating the need to rip and replace legacy telephony investments, while enabling enhanced customization and flexibility. SIP Trunking connects legacy phone systems to modern tools, including cloud auto attendants and cloud voicemail.

With a SIP Trunking system, businesses see an immediate number of benefits.infographic showing benefits of SIP Trunking

  • Simplified IT
  • No lengthy interruptions to operations
  • Dramatic cost savings
  • Avoid having to retrain staff on new phone system
  • Fail-over: the system can automatically reroute calls in an outage

Combining the benefits of a SIP Trunking system with a cloud auto attendant and voicemail system is a logical step. This logical step is why NUSO developed Cloud Attendant and Cloud Voicemail systems specifically for NUSO SIP Trunking customers. 

NUSO Cloud Attendant & Voicemail

As an add-on to SIP Trunking, Cloud Attendant delivers a robust auto attendant to answer inbound calls and route them to the proper destination based on the caller’s response via speech, dial pad, or the phone number dialed. NUSO Cloud Voicemail allows for one or more users to manage shared voicemail boxes from any location.

Because both systems are cloud-based, they are accessible 24/7 with any web browser. Any device with internet access becomes an endpoint. No proprietary applications are needed to set up and manage these systems. All NUSO solutions are engineered for flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and customization to fit the needs of customers, no matter the size of the business.

If your organization or business is using a SIP Trunking solution for telephone services, NUSO Cloud Attendant and Voicemail are a logical addition to your platform.