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Cloud Contact Center Solutions

From large contact centers to small customer support teams, it’s essential to empower agents with the tools they need, including a Compliance Recorder, to respond quickly, effectively, and efficiently via phone, online chat, or email. 

This is why Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions are growing in popularity. CCaaS is increasingly the solution businesses of all sizes turn to for streamlining operations and agent workflow, enabling better performance, and consequently delivering a high-quality support that boosts customer satisfaction. 

From routine requests, to complex issues and sensitive conversations, resolving contacts in a timely manner is vital for customer satisfaction in today’s digital, social media driven landscape. Any contact center solution should be flexible and secure to satisfy regulatory requirements as well as customers needs. 

A Turnkey Solution

The hybrid approach to work is here to stay. Businesses and organizations rushed into multiple solutions during the dramatic transition to the work-from-home requirements of the global pandemic. Now is the time to consolidate communication systems, including contact center platforms, to increase efficiency, reliability, and cost effectiveness. 

A modern contact center solution should include a selection of easy-to-use, full-featured cloud-based UC applications – attendant console, compliance recorder, queue management system, IVR, robust call analytics, and more. It should be customizable and be able to integrate with popular CRM systems, as well as other business process software. This is a key capability to avoid the performance hits that inevitably occur when agents are required to jump from one solution interface to another. 

A single, full-featured contact center solution enables agents to focus their attention on customer needs, not UI navigation. Add the ability for seamless integration with ubiquitous communication solutions like Microsoft Teams™ or Zoom™ and the value of a turnkey contact center solution becomes obvious.

Compliance Recorder

Most contact center operators are required to inform callers about recording practices. Consent must be obtained under regulations like CCPA, GDPR or TCPA. Today’s compliance recording platforms should automate these processes, reducing the risk of non-compliance for businesses of all sizes.

Regardless of the reason – dispute resolution, agent performance monitoring, fraud prevention, or security – a compliance recording solution is a must-have in today’s contact center landscape. 

Multi-Channel Contacts

CCaaS - cloud and headset diagramA modern CCaaS solution provides companies with multi-channel support, letting customers interact with support teams across different communication channels, or sources – voice call, online chat, email. A contact center platform must be flexible to collect information from different sources, yet make it available in the same unified ecosystem, such as Microsoft Teams. 

Easily Scale

To be flexible enough to serve businesses of all sizes, a contact center solution should scale to meet most business scenarios. It should be capable of matching company growth, the evolution of the market, and customer demands. 

Scalability is a strength of cloud contact center solutions. Being implemented via an “as a service” licensing model reduces upfront investment while delivering the ability to easily add or remove licenses as required. 


To be competitive in the marketplace, a company must adopt technologies that meet security and regulatory standards. The NUSO C3 Contact Center solution meets the demands of the customers looking for security, stability, and efficiency.

At NUSO, we continuously engage with our partners and customers for feedback, industry-specific needs, and insights into future developments. Through constant dialogue worldwide, we have worked on an evolution of cloud communications, including contact center solutions, that deliver tangible advantages to organizations and businesses of all sizes.

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