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JD Young Technologies

The NUSO Partner Spotlight series focuses on sharing snapshots of the telecommunications market and technologies landscape by speaking with our Partners across the United States and around the world. For this premier installment, we sat down for a conversation with Roger Turner of JD Young Technologies.

This year, JD Young Technologies is celebrating 75 years in business, providing IT, telecom, and other technology solutions to their customers throughout Oklahoma. JD Young  teams with NUSO to provide a full stack of cloud communications solutions to their customers in a Software as a Service model. 

In This Edition of the NUSO Partner Spotlight

  • Introductions – JD Young & NUSO
  • IT in the Central U.S. – Pitfalls & Progress
  • Safe Investments – OPEX vs CAPEX
  • From Desktop Phones to Softphones
  • Hybrid Work – Post Covid Communications
  • Partnering With NUSO
  • Mobility & Understanding Customer Needs
  • Responsive Service & Support
  • The AI Frenzy
  • The Promise of a Single Platform
  • Success in 2024

NUSO collaborates with our Partners to deliver enterprise-class cloud communications solutions (SaaS) and CPaaS enablement to organizations and businesses of all sizes. 

Selected Excerpts from the Video

Roger Turner on Cloud Tech in the Midwest

“JD Young is a family-owned business started by a single Mr. Young 75 years ago. I’ve been with the company for almost 30 years. I started in the copier side of the business and got involved about seven years ago in telecom.

When cloud telecom systems started coming out, the East and West coasts were really the first to catch on to that technology. The central part of the United States was a little slower to react, but over the past six or seven years we started seeing that more of our customers were open to a cloud option.

We’ve seen big changes in telecommunications. Manufacturers were dropping out of the market and customers were investing in hardware only to find out a year or two later that it’s obsolete and the manufacturer’s gone as well as support. Cloud’s made it easier for customers to be able to get into a new phone system without so much overhead cost. Cloud has 24/7 support and firmware updates are pushed out automatically.” 

Digital Transformation – Microsoft Teams

“We see a lot of our customers using some sort of Microsoft Teams™ or other tool for meetings, especially after Covid. If somebody wants to live in the Teams environment they’re probably going to do that. There are plugins and solutions that can make it work. NUSO has been able to customize solutions (NUSO Bridge for Microsoft Teams) with different packages based on what clients are looking for. 

NUSO Bridge logoIf folks want to do away with desk phones, we’ve been able to make it work, but the majority still want some kind of hybrid approach with a phone sitting on the desk. You’ve been able to accommodate that. Some of our customers have hybrid systems. They want the mobile app, the desktop app, and they want the desk phone.

But over the past six months, more people are reducing that hardware cost. They are not looking for a phone, they just want a desktop and mobile app. We let our customers know they can always mix and match, and add more things later. It works out well.” 

On the Value of Support

“We let our clients know that support is a team effort. We have this seven-year relationship with NUSO that we’re very comfortable with and believe in. I give customers some options: I’m the one in front of them, selling phone systems to them, so they can always call me. I let them know I have access to the NUSO Management Portal, so I can make quick changes to names, reset passwords, and stuff like that.

I let them know they also have 24/7 support through the 800 number at NUSO, which has to be one of the best support and technical staffs I’ve seen. Very quick to respond, answer the phone, and they speak a language you can fully understand. 

The NUSO support team is very patient with our customers. I contact NUSO support myself a lot of times when a customer contacts me. They can tell me what’s going on, and I’ll say I need this changed or this done, and it gets taken care of.” 

Watch the complete NUSO Partner Spotlight on YouTube.

NUSO Partner Spotlight Series

This is the first in our new NUSO Partner Spotlight series of podcasts. It’s a great chance to catch up with our Partners one-to-one. Our Partners’ experiences and insights inform our product development roadmap here at NUSO, as well as provide valuable feedback on how our full stack of cloud communications and CPaaS enablement solutions are being received and performing in the market. 

Meeting customer needs and delivering a White Glove level of service and support are key goals at NUSO, driving our efforts to democratize communications technology for businesses of all sizes.

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